Muscle Gainer - Enervite

Muscle Gainer

Muscle Gainer for Men is a balanced blend of protein sources (whey, soy and milk) and fat burning ingredients for advanced lean muscle growth and recovery.  Whey protein is high in Branched Chain Amino-Acids (BCAA’s) that help to quickly increase protein synthesis.  Soy protein isolates have high nutritional value, a wide amino acid spread and being plant based are gentler on the stomach.  Milk proteins are slower to digest and so enable muscle protein syntheses to remain elevated for longer.  L-Carnitine burns cellular fat to create energy.


Direction for use:

Add small amount of water. Slowly sprinkle in 3 scoops of powder while stirring vigorously. Top up glass (approx. 300ml) with water and stir. Consume immediately.